Arcade Racer


Project Description

A grey-boxed race track for an arcade style racing game, based on an existing Unity demo project.

The track features 3 unique moments that are connected together to form a single, complete circuit.


I developed the metrics for the track (e.g. road widths, react/recover distance, tight and wide turning radius) and constructed each moment out of generic track pieces in maya.

These generic sections of track were iterated upon and unique sections and set pieces were added and adjusted until the final track provided the player with a fast and fun arcade racing experience.

I also heavily modified the car to better react to gravity, increase its steering responsiveness and decrease the likelihood of it becoming stuck on the track’s geometry.


Moment 1: Pillar Paths

This moment is a long section of track that is divided along its length by a row of pillars. This section then leads into a split path, branching off to the left.

  • 2 main paths that split into 2 secondary paths for a total of 4 possible routes.
  • There is a risk of hitting the pillars when attempting to get to the inside of the track.
  • Player option allows the player to take tight, hard turns or wide, easy turns.
  • Each route ends with the player driving up a rolling-hill and merging them back onto the main track.


Moment 2: Figure Eight + Funbox

This section is splits the track path into a figure eight shape, creating a mirrored experience.

  • Player can turn left or right.
  • The middle of the figure eight is a “funbox” that gives the player a small amount of air (mini-ramp).
  • Ignoring the figure-eight shape and sticking to the wall is slightly faster; however, there is a much higher risk of hitting a wall and losing a large amount of speed.


Moment 3: Shortcut Underpass

This moment splits the path into 2 routes: an overpass and a shorter underpass.

  • Overpass is a wide, banked corner that is very fast but slightly longer.
  • Underpass is shorter but is very narrow, making it harder to navigate than the main track. This section ends with a ramp that launches the player over the finish line if they manage to hit it at full speed.