CTF Sheridan


Project Description

A capture the flag, grey-boxed map made in UDK Editor.

The map is based on a real-world location and balanced for 4v4 gameplay.


Using reference photos that I took, I created a key map in Photoshop and diagrams for the map’s enclosure, flow, choke points, defense/offence points and aggregate gameplay.

I created the final level geometry, added props, lighting, textures, placed path nodes for AI and added kismet to control spawn and vehicle settings.


Above: Key map diagram with photo references.


Above: Diagrams depicting the map’s aggregate gameplay and defense/offense points.

Design Summary

Based on a real-world location, I made sure to maintain as much of the original space’s layout without sacrificing game balance. I achieved this by adjusting the metrics of the location (e.g. hallway length and width) without changing the feel of the space (e.g. a hallway lined with pillars).

I timed paths to important items to be equal for each team and used 8-player playtests to further balance each side of the map. Tracking player feedback and quickly iterating on the map allowed me to create a tight, fast map that encourages player encounters.

Although this is a grey-boxed map, I also implements 3 distinct visual zones (red, blue, white) that help with player path-finding.


Above: In-editor view of blue team’s base with a long view down the main hallway to the red base.


Above: In-editor view of red team’s base. In both bases, players spawn above the flag room, safe from enemy camping.